Instant Reports

Devices: Desktop Application & Resident Mobile App

Packages: Basic, Advanced & Premium

Customization: Regulated, Optional

Instant reports are little snapshots of the current situation at a certain moment in time. Instant reports make life so much easier.

Our View

Middle-management smoke-screening the senior management with manipulated spreadsheets is a thing of the past.

Instant reports put everyone on the same page, at the same time, wherever they are.


Filtering all data in seconds can deliver very detailed, and segmented data analysis for your instant reports.

Check per street, precinct, contractor or even employees. Performance is everything.

  • Fast & accurate
  • Detailed filters
  • Data at a glance
  • Report custimization
Properly Property Management Software


Having reports at your fingertips, on all your devices makes you carry all data in one hand.

  • Cost savings
  • Overview from minute-to-minute
  • Carry all data in mobile device


Pen, paper and spreadsheets are items of the past.

Having all reports, instantly online and available at any moment of the day allows for more accurate insights.

The ProperLy dashboard provides instant reports 24/7/365.