Property Management

Devices: Desktop Application & Resident Mobile App

Packages: Basic, Advanced & Premium

Customization: None

Managing properties can be a head-breaking task, especially if properties are in various locations and maybe even in different parts of the country.

Our View

Managing property should be done through electronic means, in order to be able to manage and monitor all properties properly at the same time.

With the ProperLy Command Center dashboard, the property developer or building manager gets immediate insights into the status of all properties.

Get on top of your workload, and automate property management!


The ProperLy Command Center has an array of functions for the property management module.

  • Unit management
  • Street management
  • Precinct management
  • City/township management
  • Resident management
  • Online realtime reports
Properly Property Management Software


Managing all properties in one online space makes a lot of sense.

Taking control, and reaping the benefits.

  • Fast online access
  • Orderly portfolio overview
  • Realtime reports


Managing property with pen, paper and spreadsheets should really be something of the past.

Getting all your properties, in one hand, and directly accessible under your fingertips is possible, anywhere, anytime.

ProperLy Command Center makes your property portfolio complete.