Leasing & Tenancy Management

Devices: Desktop Application & Store Mobile App

Usage: Franchise & Multi-Store Organizations

Packages Available: Basic, Advanced & Premium

Customization: Dropdown values, workflows, and decision processes

Pain Points & Challenges

Manual leasing & tenancy management can be challenging especially when the business network is growing fast, and Excel spreadsheet won’t cut it anymore.

Taking control through a systematic, but yet easy-to-follow process, and guiding all tasks along a clear path of approvals, will empower every team member.

Our Solution

Improving the overall leasing and tenancy process through automation is the way forward.

Automated leasing & tenancy management will bring all stakeholders on the same platform, all looking at the same data.

A functional dashboard for all office staff, and a mobile application for all shop managers to communicate with the backoffice.

ProperLy makes all data available, always, anywhere, and any time.


ProperLy has a rich palette of features to manage all buildings & outlets, and all staff involved in the process.

  • Site & Property Manager
  • Site Proposals
  • Agreements Module
  • Documents Module
  • Contacts Module
  • Service Providers Module
  • Financials Module
  • Renewal Module
  • Termination Module
  • Defect Reporting
  • Defect Manager
  • Instant reports
ProperLy Leasing & Tenancy Management


Automated leasing & tenancy management is the way forward for any franchise organisation, or companies with a large amount of buildings in their portfolio.

ProperLy can handle any company with 5 to 50,000 outlets

  • Improved Efficiency
  • Cost Reductions
  • Effective Workflows
  • Measurable Results
  • Insightful Reports


The days of pen, paper and spreadsheets are over when we carry digital tools, like mobile phones, in our pocket daily.

The ProperLy leasing & tenancy management tool will do all the “heavy” lifting for your frontliners.